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Simple, right?

Doesn't Gmail already do what Email Morph does?

Gmail does allow you to send and receive email from other email addresses that you have already created. However it has limitations, such as delayed sending and receiving, a maximum of five email accounts, and the setup is a hassle if you can get it to work. Email Morph is fast, instant creation of email addresses with an unlimited number of email addresses for any email provider.

What if I have more than one domain?

Using Email Morph with one domain is on the house. To add more domains to your account it’s a one-time fee of $3 per domain. Once you add a new domain you can create as many email addresses for it that you’d like. Literally. Unlimited email addresses.

Do I need to have a Gmail account to use Email Morph?

Nope. Email Morph will work with any domain name and email provider. That means you can keep using Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, or even that trusty ol’ Aol account if you still have one. One time setup, and it just works.

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