Why be charged for email addresses you don’t use?
Morph’s simple pricing puts your needs first.

That’s it. $8/mo for as many email addresses you want, on as many domains as you have.

5,000 emails is enough for 3 email addresses, on average.

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What if I need to send and receive more than 5,000 emails?

It’s easy, every 5,000 emails is $8. If you pass 5,000 emails we’ll automatically adjust your plan to 10,000 emails, making it $16/mo. But we’ll be sure to let you know if you’re approaching that.

What if I have more than one domain?

Using Email Morph with one domain is on the house. To add more domains to your account it’s a one-time fee of $3 per domain. Once you add a new domain you can create as many email addresses for it that you’d like. Literally. Unlimited email addresses.

“This is a quote by someone.
They really like Email Morph.”

- A. Human

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